Dorey family

15 Old Steine

By Stephanie Holliday

My great+++grandfather Josiah Dorey died 7th March 1869 in London and left everything to his sister Elizabeth Dorey of 15 Old Steine. He was a 'Mourning Warehouseman' with businesses in London and Plymouth and may have also been carrying out a business at 15 Old Steine. He had a son and common-law wife who took his name in London and who lived at the same address as him in London (Verandah House, Shepherds Bush) but hasn't left anything to them. I wonder why? His first (and only legal) wife was Georgiana Dorey nee Richards who gained notoriety for her part in a Wills Forgery in 1844 and was sentenced to 2 years hard labour at Newgate Prison. She'd also been involved in various scandals before this. We're going to be in Brighton for a few days between Xmas and New Year (2012) and have only just found out about this so thought we'd investiage a bit when we're down in London with family. We live in Lancaster so don't get down south very often. If anyone knows anything about them I'd be very grateful for information.Thanks

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