School Trip

Longhill Goes to Norway 1969

By Tricia Leonard

This is the school photograph taken at Brighton Station on 22nd May 1969.
We were 3rd and 4th years then and it turned out to be an exciting an eventful trip.  We landed at Bergen and spent a few days there, I remember meeting all our pen friends, eating pancakes and going to the Ice Rink and finding it closed.  We then had a stunning rail journey stopping at Voss and we got off at Mjolfjell for our stay in a Youth Hostel.  There were stunning views, an icy fast river and an empty swimming pool.  I remember sweeping it out.

Google it! It is still there!

The names, please excuse spelling errors, are left to right and top to bottom.
I would love to fill in the gaps, if you can help.

3 Patricia Horrobin
6 Lynette Newbury
7 Keith Patteway
8 Helen Sheppard
9 Lynn Humphreys
10 Mr Robinson (Deputy Head)
12 Penny Cheshire
13 Jim Woolard
14 John Bannister
15 Bobbie Hilder
16 Paul Collins
17 Peter Coleman
18 Roger Newnham
19 Paul Katz
20 Philip Rose
21 Graham Scoles
22 Benjamin Pontin
23 Keith Tracy

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'School Trip' page
Photo:Mjofjell Houth Hostel, Norway

Mjofjell Houth Hostel, Norway

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