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My mum Edna Stripp worked at wilsons laundry.She started work there in early 6os.

By Jenifer Cager ( nee Stripp)
On 10/10/2008

my Auntie Joan worked at Wilsons Laundry for many years it was her first job when she left school. Her name was Joan Ingham-law sadly she died of cancer 8years ago.

By denise shops
On 07/08/2009

My husband (Warren Gustafson) and I both worked at Wilson's from August to December of 1972. We were Canadian students and had come to England to visit my husband's grandparents whom he had never met. I worked in the front shop and he drove a laundry van. Lots of memories. My husband kept a journal of our trip in a Wilson's notebook that we still have!

By Roberta McKnight
On 16/12/2011

My late dad Cyril Kay was the office manager at wilsons 30 years

By Lester Kay
On 06/02/2013

My nan and grandad worked at Wilsons Laundry for many years (Bert and Louie Phillips) its a shame their not here anymore,they would of loved seeing these pictures.

By jane dickens
On 24/05/2013

Hi Sue I used at wilsons back in.the early 80's. A little more information for you..... They started trading around August 1911. When wilsons closed in Arundel Road they relocated the business... Both Christopher and Timothy were directors but this was dissolved in 2005... Guess they decided to retire. This would have had them trading for 102 years. Hope that little bit helps you.

By Sarah Hawkins
On 26/03/2014

Hi Sue I have just been speaking with Christopher Wilson and I'm afraid the details I have you are incorrect... The laundry started infact in 1850 but was known as Arundel Sanitation Laundry and then changed to Wilsons in around 1901... Let me know if you have any questions and I will see if I can get the answers for you...

By Sarah Hawkins
On 26/03/2014