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I was in St John's Home when I was a child in the late 1940s/early 50s, I never knew why. I can remember being taken for walks to the beach and the big play room with a huge dolls house. I vaguely recall there being nuns there and Latin (maybe) services in the church. Are there any records existing that I could access to find out why I was there?

By Mavis Middleton
On 29/04/2008

I was also in St Johns from Feb - Aug 1951 and have similar memories. I, too, didn't know why I was there. I would be interested to share memories with others who were there at that time as some things are very clear still while others are rather confused. Responding to Mavis, I have today discovered that the London Metropolitan Archives hold records for St Johns but don't know how much detail they have.

By Naomi nee Vatcher
On 07/06/2008

Perhaps you should try the local bodies/charities that existed in that area at the time. I know The Children's Society had Homes in Brighton. Perhaps check them?

By Joan
On 25/07/2008

I have been in touch with London Metropolitan Archives and they have no records of either me or St John's Home. They advised me to talk to my own local authority, which I did, and they advised me to talk to East Sussex LA which I shall do in the next few days. Nowhere nearer to solving the mystery, lets hope E. Sussex can help

By Mavis Middleton
On 25/09/2009

I was in St John's Home in 1949 and was later told by my mother it was for children who had an operation or illness and were under norished and needed building up. I would also like to know where the records are kept.

By Vic Russell
On 09/10/2009