1. Paston Place

By Sue Craig

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I loved this place in the summer in the 50s, just hours of fun. We were not allowed to use our own roller skates but had to use the skates from the cabin. I roller skated from my home in Bennett Road on my own rubber wheeled skates and then swapped skates when I got there. The roller rink was made of some sort of asbestos laid down in big square sheets. Sometimes we made a chain and skated around and around until it got a bit too fast and we were told to stop as it was getting dangerous especially for the one on the end of the chain who was whizzing along by this time. If the person on the end let go when the chain was going for it then it was only the kickboard and the fence to stop a journey to the road outside. Lovely days. Mike Peirson.

By Mike Peirson
On 30/03/2012