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My family, Mum, Dad, myself & younger brother brother lived in a flat in a two storey block next to the bottom boundary wall of the gasworks site from age 2 until 4yrs when we moved to Whitehawk Rd. We played in the old bombed building to the south of us. In between was a small bakers, I think there was a couple of shops opposite our flat and to the north was the old graveyard. We used to walk through the lane beside the gasworks to the primary school, which is now the Bell Tower Ind est. At the top of Rifle Butt Rd on the right was an old garage and to the east of that was another bomb crater where the fire station is now. On leaving school I worked with Dad removing the old Pre-fabs by the old coach park in Whitehawk Rd A lot of water has passed since then, I,m now 71 yrs young.

By Harry (harold) Blunden
On 19/03/2013

We used to live at number 5 Rifle Butt, we were the last residents living there before they made way for the Marina. I remember going to see Mrs Stevens for a pillow case full of day old bread so my mum could make bread pudding for us all. We lived in a flat above Mrs Humphries and her three boys. fantastic days.

By Jon Walls
On 16/09/2015