4 & 5. Kemptown

By Sue Craig

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Photo: Illustrative image for the '4 & 5. Kemptown' page
This page was added on 02/01/2013.
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I wish I knew the date of the photo. It must have been before the 2nd world war or very early in the war as the front garden walls still had their iron fences on them. The iron fences had already gone to the war effort when we lived there. In the photo where the first lampost on the left hand side is situated there were five houses missing owing to bombs going astray as the enemy were trying to bomb the gasworks just down the road behind St. Marks School. I think this was in 1941. The school was damaged as were other buildings in the area. I wonder who the lad was walking towards the camera on the left, or the person on the right hand side also walking towards the camera. I wonder if I knew them when I was a kid. In the background there doesn't seem to be many houses, just the hillside where Whitehawk is now.

By Mike Peirson
On 13/04/2012