Dead mice and the Quaker cemetery

Memories of Rifle Butt Road

By Pam Suhr

Not many people know that there was a Quakers' Cemetery in Rifle Butt Road, near Marine Gate flats, now long gone to make room for the Brighton Marina approach road.

It was the favourite hunting ground of my Blue Burmese cat, but the little old lady whose cottage was next door absolutely hated mice. In fact she couldn't even see the name without a shudder, so when Smokey laid his catches out neatly on her lawn, as a present, she was terrified to go into her back garden. The cottages had no back entrance so she waited until the Argus delivery boy arrived at 6 o'clock and handed him a paper bag, a pair of tongs and sixpence with the request to dispose of what was on her lawn. The Argus paper boy probably made a fortune out of my cat's hunting ability.

Photo:Site of Quaker cemetery, Rifle Butt Road

Site of Quaker cemetery, Rifle Butt Road

From the private collection of Pam Suhr

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My sister and I, we were Pat & Chris Marshall, used to play in Rifle Butt Road a lot. We used to play in some old bombed buildings, you could get right down underneath the building in like a cellar. We took candles with us and we would sit there for ages in the candlelight and talk with some other friends as well. Of course we weren't supposed to be in there. One day when we came out the police were about, and we ran and tried to get over the fence and my sister caught her best dress on the wire and tore it. We were in real trouble with my Gran when we got home. Pat Richards nee Marshall.

By pat richards
On 04/03/2008