Letters Home No 7

Thursday 23rd December 1943

By Tricia Leonard

3008677 RC2 Horrobin G
No 2 Squad No 6 Flight
B Squadron 1 Wing
11 RC
RAF Skegness

Dear Rosemary

Today I've received a letter and a card from you and a letter and a card from Mrs Roberts on one parade and on the afternoon one I received a letter from you and a card from Kath and Harry! So I've done very well in that line.  Unfortunately I received your two letters in the wrong order.  I received the Tuesday one this morning with the card and the Monday one this afternoon.  It got me a bit puzzled at first.  Thank you very much for the 5/- postal order. It was the best kind of present.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for your present Ro.  I've not had time to have a look round.  As usual I've left things late.

Thank you for your card. I've put all the cards on the mantle piece and the others are going to too.  I'm also going to try and find some holly to decorate our room.

I laughed when I read that you hoped they'd arranged something nice for Xmas.  We're all on fatigues! I'm not so bad, I've got to go on cook house fatigue from 6 till 9 Xmas Eve and on HQ fatigue scrubbing, sweeping etc on Boxing Day 6 till 9pm.

We've been told to take our mugs and mess tins to dinner Xmas Day which means beer! I don't know what I shall do with mine. We get a lot of fags too.

I was on fatigues in the casino from 6am to 6pm on Wednesday. There was about two dozen there altogether, all allotted various jobs. I went in the plate room with three others.  Plates, plates, plates, plates, plates, plates and more plates; from 6 till 6; plates. Washing, drying, carrying. Quite boring don't you know.  Still we got plenty to eat.

I like receiving letters. And two short ones are better than one long.  It's rotten when you don't get one.

It's very frosty up here.  Every morning the roads are white with it.  But I don't seem to feel the cold as I used to.

I am just starting to feel my vaccination. It itches a treat.

Has the billiard table gone yet?

I hope you like the view card.

Much love from

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