School Photograph

St Marks in 1962

By Tricia Leonard

Can you help to fill in the gaps?
Reading left to right
Top Row
8.      Keith Williams

Second Row
1.      Deborah Holloway
3.      Patricia Horrobin(now Tricia Leonard)
4.      Pauline Jenkins

11.    Janet Marsh

Third Row
1.      Ione Stevens
2.      Janet Preston
3.      Maureen Cahill?
4.      Janet Fish?

9.      Linda Phillips

2.      Paul Gumbrill

4.      Anthony Tucker
5.      Nigel Payne

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Comments about this page

I think I am sitting 2nd from the left front row.

By Paul Gumbrill
On 06/03/2009

Hi Paul, I think that I may know you, I didn't go to the school but your name is very familiar to me. Did you live at the bottom of Whitehawk near where the coach park was. I remember some different houses a few on their own I think they were wooden or had wood on them. Would be interested if you are who I think you are. I lived at the top of Whitehawk i think i was only about 10/11 when i knew you.

By j fish
On 13/04/2012

Aha..Deb Holloway was my cousin, I remember Miss Philips as she was my first teacher, and Mr Pinchin the headmaster...I was about 7/8 years older than this group and was at secondary school when this pic was taken.

By Ray Ellerton
On 14/11/2012

Seated 1 Graham Cann. My best friend was Keith Williams we had the same birthday 18 January. I came to Australia in 1964. Brings back lots of memories including Mr Pinchin "volunteering" a few boys (including your truly) to the St Mark church choir. Also played for the school football team.

By Graham Cann
On 04/09/2015