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Thank you very much for putting these photo's on the web.
My husband was born at 39 Twineham Road in 1938, and even though it's a sad sight to see the houses pulled down, it gives us an idea of what the area looked like as he is now in Australia.

By Irene Collins
On 11/09/2009

Hi Vic, just read your comments in the local WAY magazine. When I took the pictures all those years ago I thought when the houses had gone so would the street furniture. I think the lamposts were part of that character too. I think I was correct, looking at the lamps that are now part of all the estate. I am pleased that my pictures caused some reaction. Kind regards Tony.

By tony belcher
On 23/10/2009

Hello Tony, Please can you tell me the number of the house that you are focusing on in a lot of the pictures. I used to live at No 16 for 15 years. Many thanks.

By David Inkpin
On 30/07/2010

Hello, David Inkpin. My cousin Kathy Bennett was born in 1943, her brother Dan, 1937 and Terry in 1940. they lived at no.20 Twineham when St. Cuthmans church was bombed. Kathy married and moved to Texas.  

By mollystyles nee Holford
On 26/11/2010

Hello David, I lived at 5 Twineham Road with my parents & brother Alan & sister Colleen, next door in number 3 were the Alexander family who were related to Frederick Alexander the well know busker during the 50s & 60s who played his harp outside Hanningtons, on the other side of us was Mr & Mrs K as they were known because their name was hard for some children to pronounce (Kowalski) their son Drew died very young as he was crushed at the bottom of a lift shaft while working in a Brighton hotel in the mid 60s, I’m sure I remember you David, do have a sister Lesley? I left Twineham Road in 1967 when I married, my surname was Roche then.

By Marion Goodwin
On 11/12/2010

Hi Marion, yes I remember you from Twineham Road. I was there when you had a ride on someone's motor scooter and you came off of it - luckily with no injuries. Yes I have got a sister called Lesley and my mum is still going strong at 85 years of age. We left Twineham Road in 1974, so we were there another 7 years after you left. Sometimes I have a walk through the area with an old school friend Sonia Scott and picture where our house used to be. The pictures above are of our old house No 16. David.

By David
On 07/01/2011

My nan and grandad Jean and Len Virgo lived at 31 Twineham Road (on the same side as the Church and Community Centre, about four or five houses along the road). They were one of the last families to be re-housed and I can remember as a young child being amazed at all the demolition work that was going on around them whenever I visited or stayed over. They lived at 31 Twineham Road from 1957/58 up until the early 1980`s and had three daughters, Pamela (my mother), Janet and Jean. Although it was not the most affluent area, I have been told that it was a great place to grow up and in the 60`s in particular, there was a community spirit the like of which is rarely seen today.

By Kevin Gunn
On 18/03/2011

David (Inkpin) I bumped into your mum today in Churchill Square & she looks no different to how I saw her the last time which was many years ago, she's going to be like her mum & live to a ripe old age. I'm sorry that I've only just seen your reply to my earlier query. I'm surprised that you remember me as you were quite young when I left Whitehawk for married life, your sister Lesley was a friend of mine & as well as Marcella Gunstone & Marilyn Bibby. I'm glad that my mum never saw these photos of how the houses of Whitehawk looked at that time as I'm sure she would have been very upset as she loved it at Twineham Road all the time that she lived there, I can't say that I can recognise any of the houses in these photos as they all look so very sad & not how I remember as they were in happier times.

By Marion Goodwin
On 15/07/2011

I lived at 28 Twineham Rd, for some years. It was my grandfather & Grandma's house. We were there when the church was bombed. Apart from that, it was a wonderfull place to grow up in. Summer never seemed to end. People were nice, so many things to do. I remember race days. When Gordon Richard was hurt, it was an exciting race. Plus the trolly bus's moving around, under there own steam. When old enough, I was at Whitehawk sc boys school.

By david piper
On 18/05/2012

I lived at 2 Twineham Road upto March 1965 (my 11th birthday) when we moved to Selsey for my dad Raymond's work with the Evening Argus. I loved my childhood in Whitehawk it was a wonderful time for a kid in those days. Free range of the estate and playing fields. Making up bikes from parts scavenged from the sheepcote valley. A real community with people looking after there own and safe for kids to play in the streets. After we left my auntie Maureen took over the house for a few years. It was sad to find out the whole estate was to be demolished, they didnt even keep the street names. My nan (Jarvis) lived in Hervey Road (50yrs) and her place was taken down as well. She was moved to flats in Dorset gdns.

By Tony Loynds
On 12/09/2012

I lived at 7 Twineham Road up until 1962. I lived next door to Marion, Alan and Colleen Roache. My wife Brenda was a good friend with Colleen, she lived next door to the Roache family at Richmond Buildings before they moved next door to me at Twineham Road, what a coincidence. I remember these families from Twineham: The Page's, Bennetts, Longhurst's and Nobles. Does anyone remember me or any of these families? I'm known as Snowy Brian Gibbs formerly Charman 10/10/2012

By Brian Gibbs (Charman)
On 24/10/2012

I'm trying to help my adopted cousin find her past. She was born in November 1937, and there is a strong possibility her parents were Stanley F Hammond and Violet Hammond, who lived at 79 Twineham Road. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

By Richard White
On 24/10/2012

I used to live at No.30 Twineham road opposite the Church. I am sure I found one on this site of my old home in Nuthurst Place. Good memories at the Hawk. Had many a good year playing music with Dave Inkpin.

The 70s and 80s were the best times in Whitehawk. I realy enjoyed being a teenager and although I lived in Twineham Road I enjoyed the area around Nuthurst Road the best.

I later married Shirley Nicholls. My parents used to live in Nuthurst Road. Great memories.

Alan Campbell

By Alan Campbell
On 14/06/2013

My brother and I grew up in Twineham Road and played with the local children. We were quite a close community and looked after each other. I remember Derek and Marion,Alan and Shirley,Pat and Peter,Len and Jean and also remember Mrs Brakes and her delicious jam.

by Jane Dickens(Bettany)

By jane dickens
On 02/08/2013

Hi I used to live at number 17 Twineham Road we had to move when it was pulled down. I had sisters Angela, Carol, Beverley and brothers Keith and Jeffrey, mum and dad were Ada and Ken, the Longhursts lived next door, I remember the Inkpens and the Crowhurst and Hughes x


By Julia fowler
On 26/03/2014

Hi Julia, I remember you very well and all your family, Angela was a very good friend with my sister Sue, my brother is Andrew.We lived at number 11 for about 10 years, sadly Mum and Dad are no longer with us but, My mum always loved Twineham Road and its community spirit, do you remember the Gibbs, Palmers, Smyths, Akehurst, Scantleburys to name a few. hope to hear a reply from you X

By Steve Crowhurst
On 24/08/2015

Hi Steve great to hear from you,yes i do remember all those names and your family,i see Sue now and again i think Angie keeps in touch with her,my mum passed away 2 years ago now ,dads still around but we lost bev to ms have you any old photos of them days,do you remember the Longhursts they were next door to me x

By julia fowler
On 04/09/2015

Hi David Inkpen,these pictures are of 16 Twineham Road. My parents Tony and Lyn moved there around '72 and we were probably the last family to leave the street. I was only young but have many childhood memories of those great times.

By Simon Belcher
On 16/09/2015

Hi All,I was born and raised in whitehawk 63/1983

I loved it there,everyone knew everyone and we all got on like a big family,swimming at black rock swimming pool,volks railway,

Peterpans playground,beano pies from st James street,chips from Tony's chippy,Paston place,kemptown,fishing on palace pier at the end on the metal decking,fab times.

I lived in nuthurst road,so many friends,too many to mention on here,in case I leave someone out,sorry,

Does anyone remember Donna Tennant of Winston road,my mate went out with her when he was 15,they broke up not long after,he joined the army 2 para,and went off to the Falklands,he lived in fletching road,I know that he never got over Donna,and still loved her,I saw him a few years ago in Spain,we had a few beers and chats about the old days in whitehawk,he said to me,I wonder how Donna is doing,and that if I ever saw Donna to say hi from him,and wishes you well,he did try to contact you years ago from Torquay in Devon,he wrote to you at the council offices,anyway I'd love to hear more great stories from whitehawkens on here,god bless all JD.

By johny davies
On 02/12/2015