Does Anyone Remember?

From an ex St. Lukes School pupil

Rod Goodchild

Gday all

My name is Rod Goodchild and I grew up in Brighton, UK.

I was born in 1948 and for my first two years lived in Washington Street. We moved to Whichelo Place in 1951 and I spent most of my childhood there. Finally in 1969 I emigrated to Fremantle in Australia where I still live.

I attended St Lukes School from 1953 to 1962 and still have some fond memories my time there.

I am at the moment doing some research on buildings in Finsbury Road, circa 1950's. On the west side was St Lukes Senior Boys School. On the other side of the road from the school some flats were built. Now for the big question. What building occupied that space before the flats were built? I believe it may have been an orphanage or something similar. Can anyone please help me?

If any of you folk out there remember me I would be very glad to hear from you.

Many thanks


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Rod I think that this was a home for unmarried mothers. If you 'google' james gray collection you may find a photograph of this area alternatively the web site mybrighton& have a very active message board and no doubt someone will remember you and can help with your research good luck.

By Vanessa Maskell
On 30/10/2009

Hi Rod

The building in question was erected in 1868 as the "Brighton Home for Female Penitants" and taken over in 1917 by The Church Army as a home for unmarried mothers. It was coverted to a furniture factory in the early 1950s and then demolished to make way for the flats c1961.

By Keith Chambers
On 30/10/2009

Does anyone remember when St Marks School was bombed?

By Una Dawes
On 14/10/2011

Yes, I was at St Mark's during the WWII when our school was bombed and we were sent to share Whitehawk Junior School. I remember when we used to hurry down to the bomb shelters where I learned to spell Australia which is where I now live.

By 'Stevie' Simpson
On 06/02/2013

I, like Stevie Simpson attended St.Marks School during ww2, AND also now live in Australia. ( Rod Goodchild, allthough younger than us, also now lives 'down under' in Fremantle and not far away from me in Rockingham. John Starley .

By John Starley
On 06/09/2013