Newhouse Farm

A Brief History

By Molly Styles (nee Holford)

Newhouse Farm was originally named Rifle Butt Farm (established c.1863 and rented by William and Esther Holford, followed by Silas and Beatrice Holford) and the name was changed c.1890 when a new farm house was built.

The farm was closed somewhere between 1937 and 1945 and part of it was converted to a municipal camping ground (a caravan site now attached to East Brighton Park) around 1955. Unfortunately the farmhouse itself was demolished in 1993. Much of what was Newhouse Farm is now Bulstrode Farm.  

1901 Census for Newhouse Farm:

Silas Holford 

Head   41      Farmer               Born Sussex, Horsted Keynes

Beatrice Holford 

Wife   38                               Born Yorkshire, Hull

Frederick Holford

Son    15                                Born Sussex, Keymer

Francis Holford                    

Daughter 13    At School          Born  Sussex, Keymer

Beatrice Holford

Daughter 11    At School          Born  Sussex, Brighton

Silas Holford

Son         6     At School          Born  Sussex, Rottingdean

Dorothy Holford

Daughter  2                            Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Harold Holford

Son      ?mths                         Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Clement Holford

Brother    40   Cowman             Born  Sussex, Horsted Keynes

Ward Holford

Brother    30   Cowman             Born  Sussex, Ovingdean


1911 Census for Newhouse Farm:

Silas Holford

Head       52   Farmer               Born Sussex, Horsted Keynes

Beatrice Holford

Wife       47   Housewife           Born Yorkshire, Hull

Frederick Holford                               

Son        25   Working on farm   Born Sussex, Keymer

Francis Holford

Daughter 23   Housework           Born  Sussex, Keymer

Silas Holford

Son        16   Milkman on farm    Born  Sussex, Rottingdean

Dorothy Holford

Dau       12    At School              Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Harold Holford

Son       10    At School               Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Grace Holford

Daughter 8    At School                Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Constance Holford

Daughter 6    At School                Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

William Holford

Son        5     At School               Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Norman Holford (My Dad)

Son        2                                 Born  Sussex, Ovingdean

Ward Holford

Brother   40   Cowman on farm      Born  Sussex, Ovingdean


Photo:1955 New House Farm buildings, Sheepcote valley

1955 New House Farm buildings, Sheepcote valley

Photo:1955 New House Farm, Sheepcote Valley

1955 New House Farm, Sheepcote Valley

Photo:Newhouse Farm Buildings c.1938

Newhouse Farm Buildings c.1938

Photo:60th Wedding Aniversary of Beatrice and Silas Holford in 1942

60th Wedding Aniversary of Beatrice and Silas Holford in 1942

Photo:Norman, my dad, aged 6.

Norman, my dad, aged 6.

Photo:Beatrice Holford at Newhouse Farm, Ovingdean with Silvo the dog

Beatrice Holford at Newhouse Farm, Ovingdean with Silvo the dog

Photo:My dad Norman age 14.with silvo the dog in 1922 at Newhouse Farm

My dad Norman age 14.with silvo the dog in 1922 at Newhouse Farm

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Comments about this page

Hi Molly, very interesting. Love your photos, everybody looks so happy. I love the photo of silvo the dog. It is so sad that the farm is no longer there.

Regards Julie

By julie annets
On 05/11/2010

Hello Julie, my dad Norman Holford was born in 1908 at New House farm, sheepcote Valley the youngest of 13. His father was Silas a tenant- farmer, who retired in 1938, when, Brighton council formed the caravan-park,at sheepcote valley.

By molly styles nee Holford.
On 26/11/2010

Hi molly. Thank you for your reply. 13 children, they did have large familys back then. Did you live in Bennet Road. My aunt Marge Norris lived at no37, regards Julie

By julie annets
On 11/12/2010

Hi Molly Beatrice Holford was my Great Grandmother and I have many or some pictures of her. My Grandmother was the eldest of the thirteen. I live in Victoria BC

By Jean Farrington
On 22/07/2011