St Mark's School

The Demolition - 1982

By Tricia Leonard (Photos, George Horrobin)

Photo:St Mark's School before

St Mark's School before

Photo:St Mark's North end

St Mark's North end

Photo:The bird has flown

The bird has flown

Photo:The griffon emerges

The griffon emerges

Photo:Griffin - the bird in the hand

Griffin - the bird in the hand



Photo:Single storey now

Single storey now

Photo:Infants untouched

Infants untouched

Photo:Nibbling at the Infants

Nibbling at the Infants

Photo:Infants in a heap

Infants in a heap

Photo:Admin only left

Admin only left

Photo:Primary heap

Primary heap

Having started life in Sussex Square in 1845, St Mark's School moved to Chesham Road in 1856 and then to Arundel Road in 1896. In 1972, St Mark's School moved to Manor Road and the Arundel Road site was demolished in 1982.

Preservation of the school bell tower
The school's bell tower was preserved as the distinctive feature of the Bell Tower Industrial Estate which was developed on the site.  When St Mark's School was being demolished, George Horrobin was on site looking for memorabilia and the vicar gave him permission to take the dragon. It remained in his garden in Wilson Avenue for about ten years.  As a family we later decided it should be returned to the new school in Manor Road.

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