The Diamond Jubilee

A poem to celebrate this event

By Betty Field


It’s our Queen’s Jubilee

She’s reigned for 60 years,

Not only over you and me

But all her lords and peers.


What is this job “to reign”?

So many people ask,

Training all those corgis

Must be a daunting task.


She has to shake a lot of hands

And wave graciously from her car,

She inspects all the marching bands

And visits lands afar.


She wields a mighty sword

Over hoards of bended legs,

To make knights of her lords

And not chop off their heads.


On her arm she has a Prince

A very outspoken Greek,

And people often wince

When he opens his mouth to speak.


But do not let us mock

He is always there,

A supportive solid rock

When she is in despair.


Three marriages bite the dust

Her Mother and sister died,

Her annus horribilis

And he was by her side.


Our Buckingham Palace resident

We hold in high esteem,

Would we prefer a president?

No!  We stick with our Queen.


Good luck to Elizabeth two

May you have many years left,

From all of us to you

Good times, good health, God bless.

Betty Field



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