Rosemary's story

By Rosemary Deacon

Photo:Fred on his way to work

Fred on his way to work

Rosemary Deacon

Photo:Cutting from The Argus

Cutting from The Argus


I'm sure there are not many jobs these days that provide accommodation for their employees.  The Police Force was one that did. My husband and myself were lucky to live in two during his 32 years service in East Sussex Police, Brighton Police and later Sussex Police,

Two Years probation had to be served before being eligible for a house, flat or rent allowance.

We were very pleased to be given a 3-bedroom house in Brighton, after living in two rooms for two years.  We were very happy there for six years with our two boys. Neighbours were very friendly and there was plenty of advice and help with the garden about which we knew nothing.

There were plenty of privately owned shops and a school nearby making everything easy and convenient.  The beach and watching the Marina being built were favourites.

We later heard that six new houses for Police were to be built in Craven Vale and were lucky to be allocated one.  We visited the site often, watched it being built and moved in on a very wet November day. The rest of the estate was still being built so we were able to welcome newcomers and became friends with many.

All decoration and maintenance of the house was done by the Police authority which helped no end financially of course.  By this time we were expecting our third son, Peter, who was duly born and loved by all.

We continued to live happily there and on Fred's retirement in 1979 were able to buy the house from the Police as by then Policeman were able to buy their own homes (some increase in wages by then as opposed to £5.5shillings that my husband received on joining in 1946)

We had 46 years there together when sadly Fred died in 1993, followed shortly by Peter five months later.  I have been here 52 years - a good house still, but not a home anymore.

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