Early Memories, Part 2

Tea for the bandsmen

By Rosemary Deacon

My grandmother provided teas and refreshments for men of military bands who played regularly in the bandstand in St Anne's Well Gardens in summer.  I can remember many uniformed men standing about in the small hallway with cups of tea, chatting and laughing, their white webbing belts, bandoliers and hats hanging on the hallstand. As children we thought all this exciting (no TV or computers then!).

Among the people who stayed at our house I remember particularly Joe Gallo - chauffeur of Charles Cruft, of dog show fame - the car was a big plum coloured Daimler and his uniform was an exact match.  I think he was our favourite guest.  He had a large moustache and was fond of us.

We also had Hoare Belisha's driver John Horne, an ex-guardsman. The tallest man I had even seen.  How he made himself comfortable in the very small room at the top of the stairs (later my room) I do not know!

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