Nothing changes, it seems!

Crossing the racecourse in 1934

By Tricia Leonard

The letter below was sent to the editor of the Brighton and Hove Herald on 26th May, 1934.

SIR - If it's kiddies it must be prams. As it's prams it must be slopes, and that is the slogan for the future when dealing with any improvement to improve pedestrian traffic.

To avoid bus fares the people of Whitehawk have made a pathway over the race-course. The council put up a footbridge, and politely requested the inhabitants of Whitehawk to walk the plank. The answer is: Yes, but the bridge won't let us!

I have been asked to get up a petition to alter a little thing. I'm too busy, so please give a hand to make everybody happy in the quickest possible time.

The construction of the four steps one side and the three the other are such that mother, complete with pram and kids, arriving breathless at the "Khyber Heights," must have help to get the load on the flat portion of the bridge. Those who possess the breadth of Martha Gunn bump the pram right heftily in a manner that would make a school clinic nurse shudder.

All that is wanted is the steps removed and a slope made with a crosspiece to prevent slipping in wet weather.

Whoever is responsible for this error should be made to get married and in due time learn how to handle a pram. He would soon realize the meaning of the slogan, "As it's prams it must be slopes," as applicable to Brighton and its young generation both resident and visiting.

At the present moment Whitehawk declines to "Say it with Flowers." Now Mr Councillors - We will respond to the call if you will just make the path of duty reasonably easy.

From Mr H. E. Banker
134 Havelock Road

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