WWI convalescent home

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By David Price

Photo:Seated 3rd from the right is Alfred E. Cannon

Seated 3rd from the right is Alfred E. Cannon

Private Collection

This is a photograph of my Great-Grandfather Alfred E. Cannon. He enlisted in the East Surrey's on 7th August 1915 and was discharged on the 20th November 1918 - unfit to fight. My Grandmother remembers visiting him in Brighton whilst he was recovering "...from
being gassed on the Somme". Please can you help me...

Can you shed any light on where and when this photo may have been taken? Are you aware of any records referring to wounded troops convalescing in Brighton? Do you know where and when the East Surrey's may have been gassed on the Somme? I am very happy for this photo to be published by you anywhere in the cause of attracting more attention and information concerning its provenance. If you do not know the answer to my questions may be you know someone who may be able to help me.

If you have any information at all, could you possibly add a comment by clicking on the link below?

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I THINK Iam pretty sure THIS WAS THE OLD WORK HOUSE TURNED INTO A HOSPITAL, quarter WAY DOWN Elm grove at the top was the racehill which branched of to woodingdean, manor hill, Whitehawk over the race course and down the hill where I used to live.I have seen this picture before somewhere.

By Robert Dawson
On 12/12/2008

It is what we call the General Hospital, Elm Grove Brighton. It was a workhouse before. Thank you for sharing your photo and memories.

By george bryant
On 17/07/2009