My family here


By Carol Byard

My family (or rather my mother's family) have lived in Whitehawk since 1936.
Not very long in the big scheme of things but long enough for me. My grandparents moved here from Patcham just after my mother was born, they lived in Twineham Road and when my uncle got married he moved into a house in Fletching Road neither of these are here in that form any more but at least they have not disappeared from the scene completely. My mother grew up here, and now I have moved here.

I have been tracing my family lines and although there are plenty of other families that have joined with the Parker clan, most of the family came from the Sussex areas.

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I also lived in Twineham Road during the 50s - late 60s and I'm quite sure there was a Parker family that lived about three doors away from where I lived at number 5. I can remember they had a really lovely Irish Wolfhound which I think was a grey colour. I'm afraid I really only noticed people by their animals in those days for some reason!!

By Marion Goodwin
On 17/03/2008

I lived in both Fletching and Twineham Road, from 1954 to about 1965 but my parents lived their with my sister for much longer.

By Jenifer Cager
On 17/10/2008

My husband Trevor was born at 39 Twineham Road in 1938,
family name is Collins. They moved to Coleman Street after a while, however his grandfather Charles Collins lived in Whitehawk for a long time. Believe he was a bookie, and heard he started a movie theatre in the area at some stage.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this as we are doing family research. Thanks

By Irene Collins
On 18/09/2009

I was born in 1943 in Brighton and lived at 20 Twineham Road during the 40's and 50's and then came to the USA in 1963. The Parkers lived across the road from me. I remember Valerie, and Freddie and the youngest boy was David. Freddie I believe married Winnie Longhurst who lived two doors up from him and I think they may have moved into a house in Fletching Road. As I recall 18 Twineham was the Redmans, 16 the Banisters, 14 the Nobles, 12 the Needhams and I can't remember anyone below that. Across the street were the Mardens, Chandlers, Parkers, Gandy's, Testers, Longhursts, Cobbs, Clarks and the Pages lived on the corner of Twineham and Lintott Ave. and St. Cuthmans Church was across the street from them. After my two brothers and I got married my Mom and Dad were asked to move and give up our house for a younger family. They moved to new council flats built in 1965 on Warwick Mount, Kemp Town. Kathy Toth (nee Bennett) April 29, 2010

By Kathy Toth (nee Bennett)
On 30/04/2010

Dear Kathy Toth ( nee Benntt ) Just found this website, and what you and others have written, I lived at No 16 Twineham Rd two doors away from you, I remember you well. I went to all three Whitehawk Schools was born in 1944 in Brighton General Hospital. I left school December 1959 and in January 1960 moved to a new block of flats called Langhurst in Eastern Road with my parents, John and Emma Bannister. . I have a brother John and sister Daphne both older than me. The Cobbs, as you mention moved to Eastbourne when I was about eleven, my world came to an end , they were my best friends, there were six of them, and as brother and sister had both left home, I was like an only child, I was part of their family. Their house was between the Longhursts and the Clarkes with the Pages on the Corner. I have kept in touch with the Cobb family until this day, and Enid Cobb still is my very best friend for over 60 years, we are like sisters. My first husband was John 'Southwell who lived at 102 Fletching Road, he has two brothers Fred and Derek, there was a sister but she died at 6 years of age I think, named Jackie. Whitehawk is no way like it use to be, but when we all lived there it was another world to what the world has become today. I am very proud to be part of the History of Whitehawk after the war years. I have lived in Patcham for 42 years . I have seen the site which houses some of Whitehawk infants school photographs and have found one of John Southwell. Amongst my photos in the roof I have a school photo and also Kathy a photo of you and me in my back garden at 16 Twineham Rd. All the names you have mention lived in Twineham Rd when we both lived there. I remember you leaving for America quite a big thing in those days. I remember Dan and Terry well, and of course your parents. The Nobles lived next door to us. Thank you for the memories Diane Holloway (nee Bannister) April 1st 2012.

By Diane Holloway (nee Bannister)
On 13/04/2012

My dad was one of he Page boys who lived at 26 Twineham Road. His name was Reg, and I myself lived in the house until it was demolished in the early 80's - lots of happy memories there.

By Liz Page
On 24/04/2013