James Alfred Body

College Brewery and Hare and Hounds

By Ivor Body

Photo:Hare and Hounds Rye 2011

Hare and Hounds Rye 2011

Permission of the Hare and Hounds occupiers

College Brewery 13 then 15 Montague Place

James Alfred Body Purchased the College Brewery with Mr. Hilder 1872 until 1879 then brought out Mr Hilder 1880. Sold the Brewery 1881. It was demolished in 1988.


College Brewery, 13 then 15, Montague Place

1854+ North & Marshal

1855/71 Marshall, Charles

1872/79 Hilder & Body

1880/81 Body, J.A.

1882/94 Hodges & Ritchie

1895/1900 Willett, William & Son

1901 taken over by Rock Brewery Brighton Ltd

and used as a store by them and later by

Kemp Town Brewery . Demolished in 1988

Hare and Hounds Rye:-

In May 1877 Thomas Field sold his share in the Hare and Hounds Rye to Mr J A Body and Mr George Hilder for £950.00 in December 1878 george Hilder sold his share to Mr James Alfred Body. In September 1882 Mr Body sold out to Frank Hodges and James Armetius Ritchie also of Rye.


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