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I have the name Burtenshaw in my family history. Harriet Burtenshaw married a George Jefferies on December 11th 1859. On the marriage certificate it said her father was Thomas Burtenshaw a farmer and she was living at 45 Albion Street. I believe the grandparents were Thomas Burtenshaw and Hannah Cherryman. I wonder if the families were connected. The photographs are excellant

By adam Dennis
On 02/01/2007

Message for Adam Dennis.

Hi Adam, Do you belong to the Dennis family that lived Albion Street/Albion Hill?

By Marion Devoy
On 21/02/2007

Hi Marion

Sorry about the delay but have not viewed site for a while. Anyway yes there were people living in the Albion Hill? Albion Street area in the 1920s from the Dennis family. My great grand mother Lilian Stunell lived at 25 Albion hill before she married my great grand father in July 1920.

By Adam Dennis
On 22/06/2007

Hi Marion, can I copy the photos for my Burtenshaw history please.
many regards Brenda

By Brenda
On 13/09/2007

Hi Brenda, Yes, it's fine to copy the photos. I was born Marion Burtenshaw and am intrigued to know who you are! Are you related to me?

By Marion Devoy
On 22/09/2007

Hi Hannah Cherryman was a relative of mine. She married Thomas Burtenshaw. Hannah was born in 1796 in West Grinstead.

By Sam
On 02/10/2007

Hi Sam,
I don't think that Hannah Cherriman married into my line. It has been established that Thomas Burtenshaw born Bolney 1823/4 married Mary Ann Boniface in 1841, Brighton. I think Hannah Cherryman married another Thomas Burtenshaw.

By Marion Devoy
On 07/10/2007

Not sure who the mother of Harriett Butenshaw was. I think she was born in West Grinstead. A Thomas Burtenshaw was her father but Mary Ann Bonniface or Hannah Cherryman could have been the mother. I would love to hear from Sam as it is looking like Hannah Cherryman was the mother.

By Adam Dennis
On 26/10/2007

I discovered Frances Lilian Stunell for the first time yesterday...Have confirmed her grandfather was my husband's great (possibly more) grandfather's brother (Samuel, born 1829).

By Annie Stunell
On 12/01/2008

Hi Marion, I'd like to know if the people in your photo album are related to me too. I am still living London and it would be good to have confirmaton from you.

By sharon mogre
On 29/04/2008


I think that Harriett Jefferies nee Burtenshaw was the grand daughter of Hannah Cherriman. Is there any likelihood of her son Tomas being a farmer?

By adam dennis
On 27/03/2008

Hi, although my name is Burtenshaw I not related to any other Burtenshaw's in Brighton. But I knew your brother Dave in the early 60's and his wife Alice. I knew them mainly from the Rock Pub and later The Eastern.
I was very sorry to here when he died some time ago-but I knew he had been very ill. Sad but we had a lot of laughs in those days.

By Leslie John Burtenshaw
On 14/05/2008

Hi Les, I remember you as being a friend of David's. I am 12 years younger than him, so must have been a kid at the time. Yes, it was sad about his death, but thankfully he didn't suffer for very long. Did you live in Lincoln Street/Cottages or Sussex Terrace, John Street? Just trying to put a face to you. Dave always referred to you as the unrelated Burtenshaw!

By Marion Burtenshaw
On 07/06/2008

Hi Marion, I'm sorry, no I don't remember you, But I do remember some of his family. Elaine, Martin, Robert, Alan,
sorry but my memory isn't what was, but I know there were others in the family.

And you were right we did live in 13 Lincoln Cottages
and another friend was Bill & Kath Ford who lived Sussex Terrace/John Street, Thanks for replying Marion.

Regards Les

By Les Burtenshaw
On 20/06/2008

"Hoppy" Burtenshaw was my first football manager at Whitehawk FC when I was 13 in 1974.
He always referred to me as "Mrs Hubbards little boy".Even after I had played professional football and was in my late 20's.
Martin is I guess still hairdressing,and I played football with Alan.His son Sonny was doing some singing when I left for Spain around six years ago.

By Paul Hubbard
On 12/12/2008

Hi Paul,
This is Marion, Hoppy's little sister by 12 years! It's good to hear from you. Martin is still Hairdressing. He now has a shop in Whitehawk Road called Berties. Sonny is still singing! Alan is a taxi driver and a grandad!
I belong to a local history group called East Brighton Bygones. Would be interested to hear of any tales you have to tell about living in Whitehawk, the School, the Football Team, and of course, any photographs that you can share with us.
Cheers Marion

By Marion Burtenshaw
On 27/02/2009

I have been researching my family history, and believe that Burtenshaw is a mutation of Burchinshaw. For example, early records in Sussex show Mary, daughter of Thomas Burchinshaw, baptised 14 April 1583: John, son of John Burchinsha, baptised 7 May 1639. The spelling with a 'ch' disappears after 1700, to be replaced with 't'

By Jenny Cowley (nee Burchinshaw)
On 27/02/2009

Hello Marion.Great to hear from you.Hoppy was like a mentor to me,and I always seemed to get along with the many Burtenshaws I came into contact with.Martin was nearest to my age(must be 50ish now).Julie was in my class at school.
Dave (Hoppy) was instrumental in getting the first clubhouse at Whitehawk FC erected,and I'm sure there is still a plaque there dedicated to him.A genuinely lovely bloke.
My mum was a teacher at Whitehawk Infants for years,and I know many little(then) Burtenshaws passed through her classes.
Mrs Hubbard is still alive and well,but now living in Woodingdean.
I'm out in Spain,and a teacher myself.If you have my e-mail address feel free to use it as I always enjoy remembering the good old days.Because they really were good.For me Whitehawk in the 60's and 70's was better than Hollywood.It was THE place to be,and THE place to grow up.Love to all of your family.Paul(Hubby to some,Mrs Hubbards little boy to others)xxxx

By PaulHubbard
On 20/03/2009

Hello Marion
My grandmother was Lilian Florence Burtenshaw and I was very excited to find this page as I have been researching the familiy history. My mum's name is Elizabeth Lilian and she is now 80yrs old and I can't wait to show her the pictures I've found on here. I would love to hear from you at sometime as I'm sure you have lots of information that could prove very useful. Look forward to hearing from you.

By Dawn Driscoll
On 18/09/2009

Hi Dawn,
Sorry for delay, I don't look at this site as often as I should! Was your grandmother my Aunt Lil who lived in Newick Road? She had about 7 children. Was left a widow in her forties. She was my Dad's sister. I don't remember a cousin called Elizabeth. Is your Mum called Betty? Would love to talk with you. My number is Brighton 502617
Love Marion

By Marion Devoy
On 16/10/2009

Hi Jack, It's interesting you have found the name Burtenshaw started in Yorkshire, because there is a family crest on the web site that say's we originate in Lanarkshire Scotland. Hope you are not too disapointed ( sorry to all the Jocks) Regards Les B.

By Leslie John Burtenshaw
On 26/03/2010

The Burtenshaw's moved to Sussex from Yorkshire at the end of the thirteenth century. Up to the end of the nineteenth century they owned a lot of land around Cuckfield. It is very likely that all Burtenshaw's in Sussex are related. The most common names for the Burtenshaw's from Cuckfield are Thomas and Richard. One of their houses, Mizbrook, still stands on the edge of Cuckfield if anyone is interested in having a look.

By Richard Burtenshaw
On 13/08/2010

Hi Richard Burtenshaw, My family tree dates back to Misbrookes 1581. I know that the Burtenshaws are mentioned in the Lay Subsidy Rolls 1414, but I have no knowledge of their arrival from Yorkshire. I wonder please, if you could enlighten me on the source of your evidence to support this information. Thankyou Marion Devoy

By Marion Devoy (Burtenshaw}
On 10/09/2010

Hi Marion. The source was my grandfather. He had documents, but these, unfortunately, were stolen during a robbery in the seventies. My father has an item that actually came from Misbrookes, which, fortunately, the thieves did not take.

By Richard Burtenshaw
On 01/10/2010

My grandmother was Florence Burtonshaw, her father was Peter Burtonshaw mother Emily Hamper

By Larry Whibley
On 22/10/2010

My family came from Bolney, Cuckfield and Anstey Cross, James Burtenshaw had a house there, and several other family members were yeoman farmers in sussex. We traced cousin Ellen in Australia she was in her ninetys but has sinced passed away she was sent out there from London when she was a girl with TB. Regards to you all

By Roger Burtenshaw
On 28/01/2011

Are you related to the Burtenshaw that wrote the book Ring of Tabor? It's set in Brighton.

By Mike
On 01/07/2011

Hello Mike I've no idea if I'm related to the Burtenshaw who wrote Ring of Tabor. But I'd love to know more about it and where I can find a copy. Perhaps you can help me track it down. Regards Marion

By Marion Devoy
On 29/07/2011

I would be very interested in getting more information about the Burtenshaw's in England and the UK. I live in Wyoming. USA. We have a large family in Idaho and would like to learn more about the Burtenshaw families around the world.

By Shawn Burtenshaw
On 13/01/2012

I was a Burtenshaw before marriage, my grandparents were Cecil Burtenshaw & Elizabeth Caroline nee Harman,

By Veronica Dicker
On 25/05/2012

Hi to all the Burtenshaw's out there. I would be interested to know if if any of your ancestors are related to a David Burtenshaw (1897)who married Edith Jacques and Reuben Burtenshaw (1848) who married Eliza Gear... I am Reuben's grand daughter Doris Burtenshaw and daughter of Arthur David Burtenshaw.

By Doris Phyillis Burtenshaw
On 01/03/2013

I'm Adam David Burtenshaw,son of Michael Burtenshaw,who is the son of David and Alice Burtenshaw that lived up the manor near Brighton race course,my father Michael and his father and mother died very closely in time, my mother is Cherie Burtenshaw; (knee Pont)my Father Michael died in a car accident in the 80s, I will catch up with Danny Thomas.

By Adam David burtenshaw
On 02/08/2013

Hi, I live in Australia and related to Emily Burtenshaw-Cox, daughter of John Burtenshaw Cox, born at Chailey (1796) and died at Lindfield. Any connections, please let me know

By Gavin
On 04/10/2013

There is on facebook a site called Butenshaw meets Burtenshaw Showing the name in Canada & the USA.

By Bob Burtenshaw
On 08/11/2013

on local TV meridian tv last week a lady has found some old sepia photos dating back to about 1900, the pictures are a wedding and the lady is trying to locate the rightful descendants to pass the photos on.  With the photos was a certificate of a sailor who was killed in WW2 having served 22 yrs through WW1, I did some research and found out a lot about the sailor Alfred James Burtenshaw, and the sea service is realy good, but on looking at family your name came into the frame.  It might be worth contacting the lady who has the photos to add to your own.  hope im on the right track, regards Steve horne.

By Steve Horne
On 08/08/2015

Hi there,

I'm related to the Burtenshaws.  So Far I have traced my heritage back to John Burtenshaw my 7th Great Grandfather and then James and Jenny Burtenshaw who owned all the land by Moonhill.  They would of been my 6th Great Grandfather/Mother.  The lineage then goes down in this order John/Mary Burtenshaw 5th, James and Elizabeth Burtenshaw 4th, George V and Hannah Burtenshaw 4th, George and Agnes Burtenshaw 3rd, George H and Helen Burtenshaw, then my Grandparents Paul Murray and Doris Burtenshaw, then my Father and Mother and me.  It's so cool to know some of you are cousins. I do have pictures on my to some of them if you are interested in seeing.   I am really interested in seeing pics of their farm.  Im in Michigan, USA so this is really cool to me :)

By James Murray
On 28/09/2015