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Hi Gwen

My name is Vic Lander and my family lived in Rifle Butt Road from the early 1800s to the 1940s. Bert and Kit Stevens were my godparents. Be good to compare memories, contact me.

By Vic Lander
On 07/03/2008

Hi Gwen, I have just got on to this website and saw the item about Rifle Butt Rd, my parents lived there and my sister was born there in 1927, just before the war we moved up to 107 Whitehawk Ave. (Through my family research I have discovered that my Great Grand Parents lived at 18 Rifle Butt Rd in1871) My Mum and Dad knew the Stevens family quite well and I used to go to school with their daughter Marion, also my father used to work at the gas works until he had to go in the navy at the beginning of hostilities in 1939, from what my sister tells me she seems to think that they lived on the opposite side of the road to the bakery, I have a couple of old photo's of Rifle Butt Rd but I am afraid they are what I copied to my computer. Contact by e-mail and I'll e-mail them to you, kind regards Derek Piper

By Derek Piper
On 12/07/2008

Hi Derek

Neither of us seem to have any luck contacting Gwen re Rifle Butt Road. You can see my family connection as above.

I grew up wih Marion Stevens and her sister Janet.

When I was three years old we lost our house in Rifle Butt in the bombing.

I am Vice Chair of East Brighton Bygones and it would be good to make more contact with you and compare memories. Contact me on our E-mail address

Regards Vic Lander

By Vic Lander
On 19/11/2008

Hi Gwen Walls here, and I lived in Rifle Butt Road, on the same side as Stevens Bakery. My mum and dad were called, Ron and Lorna Walls. I remember my dad sending me to Stevens Bakery for 6 doughnut holes, what a giggle that was. I am holding a reunion at the New Bush in Arundel Rd, 7pm till close, for Whitehawk Secondary all ages. Please ring 07963047022

By gwen walls
On 16/10/2009

Hi Derek, It would seem that we are probably somewhere related, although I am not sure how. I too am researching my family tree, and various addesses in Rifle Butt Rd link to me. 18 links with my direct ancestors as does 1. It would be great to chat on email, perhaps, to find out a bit more of our folks. Look forward to hearing from you.

By Mark Piper
On 13/04/2012

Hi Mark, What a stroke of luck, I logged on to the site yesterday after 4 years of inactivity on my part and lo and behold there was your letter, yes it would be great to contact by e-mail and see if somewhere down the line we could possibly be related, my e-mail address is piperdeadeye@bigpond .com I shall have to phone my sister and see if I can get a bit more information on her time in Rifle Butt Road, hoping to hear from you regards Derek Piper

By Derek Piper
On 20/04/2012