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By Roy Wood

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Photo:S3040 - After the storm looking west, Dec 6 1896

S3040 - After the storm looking west, Dec 6 1896

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I am afraid this picture cannot be after the storm of 1896, as at that time Volk's Railway terminated at the Banjo Groyne (visible in the background), and was not extended to Black Rock until September 1901. I believe the damage shown in this picture was caused by the storm of 1903.

Incidentally the track dangling precariously over the gap is not actually Volk's railway track, which you will see was some yards further inland where the trains are actually standing.  It was track used by the contractors building the groynes and sea defences, and a short stretch of it can still be seen today buried in the undergrowth just next to the easterly passing loop on today's railway.

Ian Gledhill
Chairman, Volk's Electric Railway Association

By Ian Gledhill
On 05/12/2006