Whitehawk 1947 -1967

By Diane Bewley Nee Perry

I have just discovered this fab site. I lived in Whitehawk for 20 years between 1947 and 67 and have often thought about my time there . I lived in Fletching road , with my family and siblings Barbara, Peter and Kevin.

Looking back my own family would not believe the life we had then. Very poor and often hungry. I can remember the Whitehawker traders and some extra ones as well. The three Whitehawk schools and remembering how proud I was that our class was the only one to have classes with the boys in the senior school next.

I remember the local heart throbs, are you Eddie Sandels or Chris Hancock?

I remember picking up boys at Sheepcote Valley camp site. Meeting my first boyfriend Ben Breeds at the Whitehawk Inn (age 16 years)

I would love to know what happened to some of those local families.

Many good and not so good memories , but a life that I have been able to draw upon over the years.

I intend to keep in touch with this site.

Diane (nee Perry)

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Did you know my Uncle Will and auntie Win and their children Will, Angela and Debbie

By Carol Byard
On 21/11/2007

I remember you, Diane, also your sister Barbara, as I went to school with your brother Peter who is about the same age as me. But I can't remember your other brother, Kevin. Was he older than you or younger? I lived at 5 Twineham Road and as a youngster I used to play with Freddie Plant from a couple of doors away from me. He had two sisters, Pam and Pat and the most lovely parents. Mr Plant died at quite a young age.

By Marion Goodwin
On 17/03/2008

Sorry Marion, I dont remember you. Kevin is 19 years younger than me. Peter lives in Rottingdean and Barbara lives in Crawley. You must remember the Bibby family. Marilyn would be about your age. Do you remember Drew who lived in Twineham Rd, and was tragically killed in his first job in a lift shaft.

By Diane Bewley
On 10/10/2008

Hi, Dianne...I remember your family, Peter is my age.I do remember the Bibby family, I believe that Marilyn still lives in Whitehawk. I lived at 6 Twineham Road opposite Marion Roche as she was then.

By Jenifer Cager
On 17/10/2008

Eddie Sandals is my Mum's cousin! I shall pass on your compliments to him!!

By Carol Homewood
On 14/11/2008

I knew the Bibby family well & used to play with Marilyn, I have been in touch with her over the years through my mother.
Drew Kowalski lived next door to us at number 7, he died in the mid sixties as a result of a tragic accident in a Brighton Hotel, he was working at the bottom of a lift shaft when an apprentice turned the lift on as a joke not realising it would plunge to the bottom and kill him, he had a young wife and daughter and they were expecting another baby at the time of his death, everyone who knew him was really shocked at his loss.

By Marion Goodwin
On 01/01/2009

I was just looking through some old papers which I was supposed to throw away when my eyes suddenly fell on some papers from my student days in Twineham Road 5. I was staying with the A.Gander family summer 1968 (i think) Anyone who knows these people, please say hi with my best regards. and ask them to send me an e-mail. (www.everest2005.com)

By Tore Sunde-Rasmussen Norway
On 17/04/2009

Does anybody remember The McCue family?

Lived along Wiston Road, years between 1930's up to the 70's/80's maybe? names were James McCue (he was a scottish man) and his wife Mary with children Dianne Carol Jane Christine Jimmy terry Gary Stuart? other names am sure off

By McCue
On 22/05/2009

My cousin Molly lives in Barcombe and told me about this great site. I live in Mansfield, Texas (between Dallas and Ft. Worth). I was born in 1943 at Brighton General and lived at 20 Twineham Road until January 1963 when I got married and immigrated to the States. My brother Dan was born in 1937 and my other brother Terry born in 1940. Terry married his wife Yvonne Okines who lived at 98 Twineham Rd. I attended Whitehawk Infants, Junior and Senior schools and graduated in 1959. Some of my neighbors were the Pages, Longhursts, Wests, Nobles, Needhams, Cobbs, Gandy's, Parkers, Mardens, Edwards, Clarks. My dad worked for the Brighton Parks and Gardens and used to park his lorry in front of our house. I'll admit the Whitehawk council houses left a lot to be desired but I was sad to see them demolished upon a return visit many years ago. I remember St. Cuthmans Church being rebuilt after it was destroyed during the war. The German bombs demolished the whole church, remarkably the only part left standing was the Cross of Jesus - it took many years to rebuild. I remember going for a job interview as a shorthand typist at the AA on Marine Parade - I went straight from school and had on my Whitehawk uniform. They hired me and I started the day after I left school at the age of 16. Some of my school friends were Pamela Stunnel, Elsie Miller, Kathleen Harriet, Rosemary Tidy. Anyone out there remember any of these people I'd love to hear from you. Kathy Toth (nee Bennett) April 29, 2010

By Kathy Bennett Toth
On 30/04/2010

Hi Carol. I remember your Uncle Will and Auntie Win, although they were a lot older than me. I used to play with your aunt's sister Mary Longhurst who I believe now lives in New Zealand. Your Aunt's brother Buster, died a few years back, not sure if Kenny is still alive. The Parkers were a large family and lived across the street from me. I believe Will was the oldest, then Freddie, Valerie and David. I lived at 20 Twineham Road, my brothers were Dan and Terry Bennett. Are your Aunt and Uncle still living? Kathy Toth April 29, 2010

By Kathy Bennett Toth
On 30/04/2010

The McCue family is my Family James Mccue was my grandad.

By Mary-Beth McCue
On 30/07/2010

In the late 40's, my sister and I had Sandra and Shirley Thomas of 79 Twineham Road as pen-pals. Does anyone know about them?

By Sue Clark
On 03/09/2010

Fabulous to read some of these stories. We used to live at 26 Twineham Road, my dad was one of the Page boys (Reg - RIP x x). He was actually born in number 26, and stayed there until they demolished it in the 1980's. Still remember the street party in 1977 - happy days

By Liz Page
On 17/09/2010

Hi Kathy, Spoke to my mum about this site and she remembers you and your brother Dan. She married Reg Page and remembers your parents 50th wedding anniversary at the Nautilus in Rock Street, where you were the suprise guest. she saw Dan in Asda last week, lol

By Liz Page
On 17/09/2010

I lived at No 6 Nuturst Rd. Born 1943, went to all three schools at Whitehawk, Anybody rember the Ridpaths?

By Geoffrey Ridpath
On 01/10/2010

This message is for Carol McCue. I am Shirley King and live on Twineham Road. Carol we used to spend a lot of time together. My sister's name was Jean. Love to hear from you. I live in USA California been her for 32 years now. All my brother and sister still live in and around Brighton my E-mail addrress is Antiquesoflaguna@att.net .

By shirley
On 15/10/2010

Hi Shirley i'll pass the message on to Carol for you, not sure she knows how to use a computer haha, but im sure someone can give her a hand.

By MB McCue
On 29/10/2010

Hi Geoffrey I remember the name Ridpath - I think my brother Robin was a friend of one of you? We lived at number 25 Whitehawk Avenue - just past the bus stop for Nuthurst Road.

By Barbara Etherton (nee Sutton)
On 11/12/2010

Thanks for the Reply like to hear from your Carol. Do you still live in Brighton?, havn't been home for several years, all my brother and sister come over to see me in California. Like to here from you.

By shirley king
On 11/12/2010

Hi Barbara thankyou for your reply. My friend, Brian Wenham, and I remember Robin. Please give him my regards.Where is he now? By Geoff Ridpath On 24/12/10

By G.Ridpath
On 07/01/2011

My mum and dad lived in Fletching Road for many years there names are John & Carol Gunn. I was born in that road. I have loved reading also looking at the pics ...

By maggie barnett
On 15/07/2011

Hi Geoff. Sorry I haven't been on this site for a while and have only just picked up your reply - thank you. It's a shame that you don't receive notification when something is posted on this site. Robin is still in Brighton, living in Woodingdean and I shall certainly pass on your regards. He married Jean Redman from Manor Farm and they have a son, Dale, and 3 grandchildren. Do you still live in Brighton? We (my hubby & I) moved over to Andalucia in Spain 3 years ago and are thoroughly enjoying it.

By Barbara Etherton
On 11/11/2011

Hi does anyone remember the fish family, I lived in Fletching road around about 1958. I was born in the prefabs in Whiston Road, I do remember some of the names spoken about, I remember the Plants and the Mc Cues, I went to school with Christine.

By jenny fish
On 13/04/2012

I lived at 2 Twineham Road till I was 11 in 1965 when we moved to Selsey for dads work (Evening Argus). My parents were Raymond and Ros Loynds, I had 2 small sisters Joyce and Diana. I remember the Plants well and have a vague recollection of the Goodwins and the Bibbys. When we left my auntie Maureen took over the house for a couple of years. Never did understand why the whole estate was demolished, they didnt even keep the street names, real shame. I had a wonderful start to life in Whitehawk. I remember it was hard, not a lot of money and sometimes the house was real cold and food short, but the friendship and community spirit was second to none, nothing like it since.

By Tony Loynds
On 12/09/2012

Hello, This is about Carol McCue she has passed away today sadly. We tried to teach her to use a computer bless her but she never got the hang of it to e-mail you. I wish I had just done it myself now. I thought I would let you know.

By Mary-Beth McCue
On 24/10/2012

Mary-Beth McCue I am so sorry for your loss,I did read this in 'the paper even though I live in California My thoughts are with your family god bless you Carol.

By shirley Hawes
On 07/11/2012

Hello Mary-Beth McCue. I also went to school with Christine, how is she these days, my brother Ian "noggin" used to hang about with Terry. So sorry to hear about Carol. Regards to you all.

By pauline godden
On 30/01/2013

Does anyone remember the Dilloway family? They lived at 101 Fletching Road?

By Sarah Smart
On 01/11/2013

Hi all does anyone remember the Card family? Brian, Sonia they were the mum and dad, Steven, Martin, Linda, Andrew they lived at 22, Fletching Road in Whitehawk. I know Martin joined the army the parachute regiment and when he finished training he went to the Falklands War and came back a bit messed up.he left the army in 1985. Had several jobs and got into a few scrapes. Had a baby in 1990 with a girl named Corrine. The baby died aged 3+half months cot death. I know this really screwed him up. He was a nice guy. Last I heard about him was the he and his new girlfriend of 8 years,went to Thailand in 2006 to run a bar etc, had it for 2 years. His girlfriend is still with him but I havent heard anything more about him. Does anyone know please? Really would like to get in touch with him. I used to live in Whitehawk Road. Many thanks to you if you can help me.

By john davies
On 22/11/2013

Hello. This message is for Diane Bewley. Diane, if you still monitor this site, I'd like to talk to you as I believe we're related through your Grandfather L.S. Perry. Cheers

By Dennis
On 22/11/2013

Does anyone remember the Taylor family at 19 Fletching Road in the 1930s? They were Arthur and Ada Taylor with children Freda (my Mum), Ron, Joyce, Winne, Betty and Pat.

By Geoff Barber
On 06/12/2013

Does any body remember the Chinock family who lived at 28 Fleching Road. I am trying to find them to see if I can find out some details about my dad who lived with them in the 1960s. Even if it is any one of the children that could help me. Thanks to all and hope to hear from somebody soon.

On 20/08/2014

I have just rembered the names of the Chinock family there names were Terry, Jimmy, Bobby and June. My dads name was not David Jackson his name was Donald jackson.

By Bob Beeman
On 29/08/2014

Hello this is a message to Diane I'm 90% certain that the  Ben Breeds your talking about  is my grandfather I haven't had any contact with him since I was 5 I'm now 28 but just on the off chance that anyone is still in contact with him or know his address I would be so gratefull to have it thank you x

By Kerrie St clair
On 22/02/2015

Does any one remember my wife's family. Her mum was Joy Jackson/ Jupp. Her dad was Jeff Knight, her granddad parents were Betty and Jim Jackson, Jim then remarried win. 

By David tongs
On 04/09/2015

Does anyone remember the gillingham family from the whitehawk estate.

By wayne
On 31/10/2015